The nature of modern Brexit Conservatism

Liam Fox explains his vision of a glorious Brexit future of Britain rejecting Europe’s largest economic trading bloc in the world to trade with bastions of global free-trade such as West Papua, East Timor, Zimbabwe, Haiti and Guyana

Monday 17 October 2016

Rightwing British Conservatism is theocratic in nature, at a fundamental ideological level. It has much more in common with ISIS and Islamic fundamentalism than with other modern, centralist, progressive political belief. Both venerate immutability. Both cherish tradition and ancient customs and maintain a horror at social and political advancement. Both herald a traditional form of social construct as sacrosanct: one a mercantile, hierarchical, sole-determining monarchistic based doctrine; the other a hierarchical, religious, sole-determiner-of-God’s-will based doctrine. Both bend the will of man and progress to the incomprehensible whims of a symbol in order to maintain its immutability.

Brexit Conservatism hails democracy and sovereignty, but not true democracy; not level-playing-field democracy, because that would threaten its core social and political theocracy. Yet this Conservatism, both politically and socially, is the very same Conservatism that bent the will of New Englanders into paying tribute to a symbol thousands of miles away across the Atlantic in the Old World.img_0002 Both Conservatisms are the same, then and now, and it explains the spittle-projecting loathing and vitriol of the level-playing-field democracy and socially liberating EU; hence, an existential threat to Conservatism’s socio-political theocracy.

This is the establishment, the real establishment that working-class Brexiters railed against, not EU bureaucrats. The clue is in the word: “Established”, i.e. for ever. Immutable. EU bureaucrats are just people with jobs working for a higher purpose. Conservatism can never instigate true social justice and true equality because it is oxymoronic to its core values; to its immutable theocracy. Change, progress and social and economic and political levelling is only begrudgingly given step-by-step, like the gradual erosion of rock formations. It is a trickle-down by-product of Conservative power and Conservative immutability. It is only distributed directly when its continued absence directly threatens Conservatism’s position at the apex of its hierarchical structure.

The EU is the antithesis of British Conservative theocracy because it doesn’t wait for Sunderland or for Liverpool, or for the Welsh valleys, or for parts of the Midlands, or for thousands of deprived regions throughout Europe to rise in discontent. It initiates socioeconomic levelling through regional and social development because of conviction. Because it is founded in its core beliefs that it wants all its citizens to rise; it wants all its citizens to be equal and free.

Many of the EU’s current problems are a by-product of its success, because the surrounding region and wider world is antiquated in comparison, and this, according to Brexit Conservative theocracy is the prime reason for it to fail.

The founding father of modern conservatism, Edmund Burke, would be proud of the Brexiters, because they have “accepted their lot”. They have not troublesomely pressed and agitated for socioeconomic and political equality. Now they will get their “reward in heaven”, even though heaven might not exist and it will certainly not be up to Conservatism or Edmund Burke to determine whether they are rewarded or not.

Brexit has made Conservative theocracy even more immutable, to the detriment of us all, including those who voted for Brexit, and until its hold is prised free from British life Britain will never be truly democratic or its people truly sovereign of their own destiny.

The vast majority of Brexiters will experience a chilling awakening soon when they open their front doors in the morning to see that the world they so vigorously rejected during the referendum is still the same, only they will be poorer, financially and spiritually.

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