America’s gun problem

Monday 18 January 2016

Guns have a stranglehold over American civil society. Barack Obama is right to call America’s gun violence an epidemic ( In fact it’s worse than that. It’s a cancer and a curse and a major source of shame and despair for all peaceful, intelligent Americans who cannot stop their children being slaughtered in their own schools where they should be at their safest.

The NRA, though an abhorrent organisation, is right about gun checks. The huge proliferation of guns in America make any checks virtually irrelevant when it comes to the determined disturbed, the persecuted racist, or the lovesick, poor-me, delusional patheticado from acquiring guns.

Why the NRA’s stance in opposing additional gun checks is a strategic mistake, however, is that it makes the nuclear option – an amnesty followed by a complete gun ban that’s written into the constitution for future generations and possible civil war – more likely in the long run (the constitution can be changed – it’s what Amendments are).

This would be bad for America’s gun lobby because it would be a confrontation they could not win. It would also represent the only measure to guarantee America’s children’s safety from being gunned down by nutters (and their right-wing, Second-Amendment, lowlife enablers who also pull the trigger). These people preach freedom, but the reality is that they force people to live in subjugation under the constant fear that death is only one disturbed individual away. These individuals who disguise terror as freedom also argue, retardedly, that the answer to a disturbed individual with a gun is more guns. Personally, I’d love to see them put their theories to the test and see how they do when shot in the back by their own Frankenstein’s Monster creation in a shopping mall. How anyone can go around absorbed in and conducting their everyday lives whilst also hair-trigger ready to pull out a gun and blow someone away in a millisecond’s notice is beyond the imagination of the selfish gun sacreds.

Republicans are tough on terror. They want to take away the means (funding, guns and opportunity), and ultimately anybody who looks like them (Donald Trump), of jihadist terrorists carrying out terror attacks on U.S. soil. When it comes to home grown ‘terrorists’, however, spraying local cinemas and schools full of bullets, well, their means are constitutional. Killing Americans because you don’t like them is wrong (and we’ll make your sand glow), but killing Americans because you don’t like them if you are American (usually white American) is less wrong, and having the means to do so is perfectly ok. Is there a disturbing contradiction here?

The gun lobbies threaten that any gun ban would lead to civil war, but this is probably the only thing to keep future generations safe. The right to bear arms was written into the American constitution by the founding fathers to keep American independence safe and secure, and to enable militia’s to be quickly formed if this independence was ever threatened. They would surely have had Britain in mind here (another poisonous legacy of divine hereditary rule). The founding fathers would surely turn in their graves if they saw the damage this has done to modern American society.

An amnesty followed by a complete ban, whatever the consequences, is the only long-term solution to America’s gun violence. The political will for this would have to be huge, but it would be necessary and would have much greater long-term benefits than any foreign war as America’s gun violence will continue to grow and get worse, blighting the freedom of future generations.

Such measures would represent a huge sacrifice of political will and life, but only then would American citizens and children be safe. It is time for all intelligent peaceful Americans to stand up to the right’s constant threats of initiating the nuclear option if gun controls are imposed on them. Bullies don’t go away. It’s time for America, for the sake of its citizens and its children, to stand up to them.

America’s right-to-be-racist confederacy lost in 1865, and today’s right-to-murder-people confederacy would also lose. America should call their bluff, and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to rid their great country of the cancer of gun violence.

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